Car Remapping Sherborne Dorset

Car Remapping Sherborne Dorset

Car Remapping Sherborne DorsetEnjoy the benefits ECU Remapping can have on your vehicle – from improved economy to increased performance. We offer a professional and personal service, Car Remapping Sherborne Dorset.

Car engines are controlled by a system in the vehicle known as the Engine Control Unit(ECU). The ECU controls many aspects of the car including ignition timing, boost pressure and fuel ratio. 

When the settings of these units are altered, one can increase the performance and the effects of the car. Also, the car can become better economy-wise and reduce gas consumption. Car Remapping Sherborne Dorset can be done when software is integrated into the car ECU to change the manufacturer’s default software. 

This software is customised to ensure your car gets the best performance that it needs. Here are some 7 important benefits you will get from it in the long run.

 Remapping will give your car more torque

Car Torque is a rotational force in the car that defines the ability of the engine to work better. When you remap your car, you increase the torque and your car gets better acceleration.

Torque in cars usually comes in low revs, but when you remap the car, the torque will be increased by 30-35%. More torque means shorter in-gear times and faster acceleration.

It provides better horsepower 

In the long run, Car Remapping Sherborne Dorset can help increase your horsepower. Horsepower comes from torque and RPM divided by 5252. This is the measurement of how your vehicle can be swift and how far the force of your engine can go. 

When you chip your car, you will get a higher horsepower which means a safer undertaking. 

They can remove flat spots

When considering flat spots in the equation, they can help get rid of them. Many cars are bogged down by lack of power which is caused by flat spots. Getting your car remapped ensures you have a smoother power delivery which gives you access to more RPM. 

They ensures better fuel consumption

The prices of gas and fuel are on the rise, getting your car remapped can help you economise your fuel consumption. Chipping your car ensures your car engine doesn’t have much work to do and reduces the load on the engine. When this happens, you are using less fuel than you are used to. 

Remapping is a safe car upgrade

Regularly, car AR is meant to be maintained and upgraded. This is to ensure you get the best out of it and to be able to cope with jew car versions. Car Remapping Sherborne Dorset is a safe upgrade when done by experts who have tons of experience in remapping. 

This upgrade should be done by those who have worked on several cars from Audi to Vans, and Benz. 

It ensures better towing system 

Those in the car towing business benefit in the long run because unlocking more torque ensures you don’t strain the car. You can tow a car successfully without putting more strain on the car engine, which ensures the longevity of the car.  

Remapping prolongs car life 

When chipped by professionals, they can help increase the lifespan of your car. Your car engine will be able to perform efficiently on major roads without fear of breakdowns.


If you believe your car deserves better upgrades than what it comes with, remapping is your best bet. In the long run, there are many that you will get from remapping your vehicle. Ensure you contact a professional Car Remapping Sherborne Dorset service to ship your car.